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Janis Ruhser

Janis Ruhser

Research Interests:

  • Aerial imagery acquisition flight planning, processing of raw imagery and interpretation.
  • Using unmanned aerial vehicles/systems (UAV/UAS) for resource monitoring and invasive species detection
  • Geo-referencing of historical aerial photography
  • Delineation and categorization of past and current aquatic area layers based on systemic land cover and other ancillary data
  • Wildlife detection using thermal infrared sensors
  • Developing high-resolution digital surface models from stereo aerial photography
  • Creating stereo models for viewing, interpretation, and editing of aerial imagery in 3D

Active Projects:

  • Use of advancing technologies in the detection and monitoring of species of concern and important habitats, including thermal camera systems, unmanned aerial vehicles/systems (UAV/UAS), and high-resolution aerial video
  • Image processing of an aerial survey of several archaeological sites in southern California
  • Image processing and development/evaluation of moose detection protocol on thermal and true color imagery of Isle Royale National Park
  • Image processing of thermal and true color imagery surveys of Sandhill Cranes in Nebraska
  • Orthorectification of scanned frame photography of the Upper Mississippi River