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Jay Choi

Dr. Jay Choi is a Hydrologist in the Earth System Processes Division, USGS Water Resources Mission Area.

Dr. Jay Choi studies hydrologic numerical modeling and field investigation for contaminant transport processes, especially in coupled groundwater and surface-water systems and wetlands. His research has been focused on quantifying the interactions between groundwater and surface water from stream hyporheic zone to wetlands using field-tracer studies and the application of numerical models with statistical optimization and statistical sensitivity analysis, the development and modification of surface-water flow model for wetland system, and the management and development of hydrologic and biogeochemical database.  Jay completed his Ph.D in Hydrology from University of Arizona in 1998, and since 2010, has focused his research on the Everglades wetlands restoration project, where he leads data collection efforts and scientific interpretations. In 2023, Jay became the project manager for the 5-year USACE CEPP-S (Central Everglades Planning Project) project.  This project will evaluate the uncertainties associated with hydrologic restoration needed to restore a natural mosaic of wetland habitats in CEPP, active vegetation management within CEPP, and identification of the potential benefits and risks associated with restoring connectivity to the system.