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Jeffrey J. Love

I am a Research Geophysicist in the Geomagnetism Program of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). My research has encompassed a variety of subjects related to the Earth’s magnetic field.

These days, I work in collaboration with colleagues on three subjects: 1. Using geomagnetic monitoring data and magnetotelluric survey data to evaluate geoelectric hazards of concern to the electric-power grid industry. 2. Statistical analysis of the rare occurrences of extremely intense magnetic storms. 3. Analysis of historical records of past space-weather events and their impacts.

Research theme: Geomagnetic Hazards

Magnetic storms; Solar-terrestrial interaction; Magnetotellurics; Induced geoelectric fields; Space climatology; Geophysical monitoring; Rare, extreme, historical geophysical events; Earthquake prediction; Hypothesis testing; Time series analysis; Statistical analysis

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