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Jeremy K Newson

Jeremy Newson is the Chief of the Engineering Branch of the USGS Water Resources Mission Area's Enterprise Technology Office.

Application Architect, U.S. Geological Survey, Dec. 2019 - present

Serving as the Application Architect for the Water Mission Area Enterprise Technology Office Engineering Branch. Duties include collaborating with key stakeholders, architects, and internal teams to define enterprise architecture principles, standards, guidelines, requirements, use cases estimations and outline current and future vision enterprise architecture strategies. 

Software Architect/Hydrologic Engineer for Web Informatics and Mapping (WIM) Team, 2012 - Dec. 2019

Served as a full stack software Architect/Hydrologist on various cross discipline teams developing scalable scientific data services and applications for the USGS and other federal Agencies. My main duties included;

  • Work directly with stakeholders, national field experts and team members to identify goals, design and implement software solutions
  • Establish and promote proper coding practices and procedures
  • Develop and mentor junior programmers
  • Develop custom reusable libraries
  • Present complex software design solutions and issues in understandable concepts to senior management and stakeholders

My hydrology background, provided me with the unique qualifications to lead and ensure hydrologic programs and system methods were accurate and represented the highest USGS scientific standards.

System Integration and Software Developer Lead for National StreamStats Program, 2012 - Dec. 2019

Description and Scientific Leadership

I am responsible for all aspects of the development, architecting, planning, and formulating of highly specialized technical algorithms and subsystems related to the StreamStats program. The StreamStats system and subsystems are unique and serve as a conduit for the sharing and delivery of USGS science to watershed managers, engineers and the general public. In an effort to minimize duplication of effort across the USGS, I develop and maintain several specialized state-of-the-art modular scientific web resources that provide efficient, pubically available tools and datasets that can be utilized to further scientific research and foster scientific growth. I am also responsible for facilitating and leading discussions among the team, and leading others, by identifying goals, preparing project proposals, designing software solutions, and prioritize and assigning project tasks of all development relating to StreamStats related products.

Technical Advisor and Software Developer Lead for Inland Oil Spill Response and Riverine Travel Time Project, 2018 - 2019

Description and Scientific Leadership

My responsibility is to architect, plan and provide a web-based rapid response application for estimating plume trajectories and travel times in inland rivers. The application is designed to leverage pre-existing tools that I developed for the StreamStats program, in order to assist watershed and hazard managers in the event of an oil (or other contaminants) spill to protect the ecosystem and guide the expedited cleanup efforts.

Education and Certifications

  • Master of Science, Biological and Agricultural Engineering May. 2007  University of Idaho, Moscow and Boise, ID campus Focus: Fluvial Geomorphology, Sediment Transport, and Hydrology

  • Bachelor of Science, Biological Systems Engineering May. 2005 University of Idaho, Moscow, ID campus Focus: Hydrology/Environmental Engineering

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