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Jessica L Ball, Ph.D.


I am a Mendenhall Postdoctoral fellow at the California Volcano Observatory at Menlo Park, and my work centers on volcanic hazards, particularly those related to volcano hydrothermal systems. I use groundwater and stability models to examine the effects of pore pressurization on edifice instability and collapse. I am also interested in science communication and outreach, and am working with CalVO stakeholders to help write an assessment of volcanic hazard exposure in the state of California. I currently contribute content to the Volcano Science Center websites and social media accounts. I was previously emplyed as the Geological Society of America's Science Policy Fellow and I completed my doctorate at SUNY Buffalo in February 2014, investigating how the stability of silicic lava domes is affected by hydrothermal processes over short and long timescales. Previously, I received my BS in Geology from the College of William & Mary in 2007, and worked from 2007-2008 as the Outreach and Education Assistant at the American Geosciences Institute. My interests also include science communication and outreach, and I currently write the Magma Cum Laude blog for AGU’s Geoblogosphere

I can be found on Twitter at @tuff_cookie

PhD: 2014, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

BS: 2007, College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA



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