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Jonathan D Lageman

"Jon" has enjoyed working with USGS staff across the country on a variety of efforts, projects, studies, and initiatives. The variety and people of the USGS have kept Jon engaged. He strongly believes in the mission of unbiased science and is happy to do his part to provide valuable water data and information to stakeholders and cooperators.

"Jon" Lageman started his career with USGS in Columbus, Ohio in 2001. His early years were spent assisting with surveying for flood insurance studies and Hec-Ras modeling. Jon also assisted with several post-flood surveying campaigns across the country which he greatly enjoyed. Opportunities to perform time of travel dye studies provided variety and additional opportunities within his home water science center and beyond. Jon's desire for efficiency and enjoyment of solving problems lent themselves well to overseeing large scale gaging network installations, where planning and coordination were paramount to the success and timeliness of the effort. In 2016, Jon transferred to DeKalb, Illinois where he managed several Hydrologic Technicians and Hydrologists at the DeKalb office location. Shortly after making this transition the Illinois Water Science Center joined the Iowa Water Science Center and the Missouri Water Science Center in a merger. Jon was assigned to the position of Data Chief for the Central Midwest Water Science Center (CMWSC). Jon currently helps oversee the Hydrologic Data Monitoring Network for CMWSC and currently supervises 7 Unit Chiefs who manage operations across 9 office locations in the CMWSC. He still enjoys working with high performing staff and managers to solve complex problems and to meet the needs and mission of the USGS.