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Joshua A. Crozier

My research involves using physics-based numerical models to understand seismic and geodetic data at active volcanoes.

Ongoing research includes: 1. Modeling caldera collapse mechanics including dynamic fault rupture. 2. Cataloging and conducting physics-based inversions for very-long-period seismicity from magma resonance at Kīlauea Volcano to infer properties of the shallow magma system. 3. Combining seismic source inversions with 3D transient eruptive plume models for the 2018 Kīlauea Volcano summit eruptions. 4. Constraining the effect of fractures on outgassing during the 2011-2012 eruption of Cordón Caulle Volcano with conduit flow modeling and video analysis.

Previous research included: 1. Using percolation modeling and laboratory measurements to study the relation between magma porosity and permeability. 2. Using multiple geospatial datasets in combination with ice sheet flow modeling to understand controls on surface meltwater routing on the Greenland Ice Sheet.

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