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Joshua Woda

Joshua is a Hydrologist for the USGS New York Water Science Center.

I have worked with the USGS since 2019 when I first started as a contractor. My background consists of aqueous geochemistry, hydrology, and geology. I am particularly interested in analyzing field based and geochemical data using geospatial techniques.  Currently I am working with geologic and hydrogeologic data, coupled with various software platforms to help model contributing areas for public supply wells across New York State.  I am also involved in field-based projects looking at the effects of contaminants, such as road salt, on surface and groundwater resources. 

Prior to my time with the USGS I received my master's degree at the Pennsylvania State University where I conducted environmental forensic studies related to hydrocarbon and brine migration.  During this time, I worked with an array of scientists and group volunteers to help source where groundwater contaminants originated from, and predict geochemical effects induced along their flow paths.