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Katarzyna (Kasia) Przybyla-Kelly

Katarzyna Przybyla-Kelly is an Ecologist based in Chesterton, IN.

Kasia Przybyla-Kelly is an ecologist with the USGS, Great Lakes Science Center, and she is a part of the Restoration and Conservation Science branch. She has been working in the Great Lakes region studying various aspects of water quality and environmental threats to the Great Lakes ecosystems for the last 17 years. Her current research encompasses: Cladophora-Dreissenid-round goby interactions in the Great Lakes in connection with phosphorus inputs, eutrophication effects in tributaries, native and non-native aquatic species detection via environmental DNA (eDNA).  For the last few years, she has been focusing on eDNA detection and quantification of aquatic invasive round goby and rusty crayfish, and eDNA monitoring of native Unionid mussels throughout the restoration efforts in Indiana Dunes National Park. She is a member of the USGS science dive team conducting underwater research in the Great Lakes.