Katherine R Merriman

Katie Merriman has an interdisciplinary background within the water resources field. She has worked on a variety of water quality, hydrology, and hydraulics projects. She specializes in work that incorporates GIS analysis, database management and programming capabilities into water resources projects. She is especially interested in the intersection of agriculture and water quality.




  • MS, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Purdue University, 2008

  • BS, Biological and Agricultural Engineering, University of Arkansas, 2005

Current Projects

  • Urban Flood Frequency Regionalization for Northeastern Illinois - arcPython scripting to determine watershed characteristics and calculate statistics

  • HSPF model of Kalamazoo Watershed in Michigan

  • GLRI Priority Watersheds  - SWAT and APEX modeling of small scale watersheds in the Great Lakes basin (currently OH, MI, and WI) to determine impact of best management practices on water quality


  • US Geological Survey - IL Water Science Center, Urbana, IL, Oct 2013 - Current
  • US Geological Survey - AR Water Science Center, Little Rock, AR, Nov 2010 - Oct 2013

  • US Geological Survey - National Research Program, Boulder, CO, Oct 2008- Nov 2010

  • Science Applications International Corporation, Lakewood, CO, Feb 2009 - Nov 2010

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Merriman, K.R., 2017, Determining the Impact of Best Management Practices in the Great Lakes Priority Watersheds with Field‐Scale SWAT Models and Edge‐of‐Field Monitoring Data. SWCS 72nd International Annual Conference, July 30-August 2, 2017. Madison, Wisconsin.

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Merriman-Hoehne, K., Russell, A., Daggupati, P., Srinivasan, R., Holly, G., Baumgart, P., Fermanich, K. Komiskey, M., 2016, From Monitoring To Modeling: Assessing Best Management Practices At Subbasin And Field Scales Using The SWAT And APEX Models. NWQMC 10th National Monitoring Conference, May 2-6, 2016, Tampa, Fl.

Merriman, K.R., I. Chaubey, S. Ale and L.C. Bowling. 2008. Quantification of nutrient dynamics in agricultural drainage ditches with BMPs in Hoagland ditch watershed in northern Indiana. ASABE Annual Meeting Paper No. 083530. St. Joseph, MI: ASABE.

Merriman, K, M. Gitau, and I. Chaubey.  2006.  A tool for estimating best management practice effectiveness in Arkansas.  Abstract published in the proceedings of the Workshop “Managing Agricultural Landscapes for Environmental Quality: Strengthening the Science Base”.  Kansas City, MO. October 11-13, 2006.  97 p.