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Katherine R Merriman

Katherine R Merriman is a Hydrologist at the New York Water Science Center.

Katie has developed SWAT models for water quality issues all over the country. Her most recent project was developing field-scale SWAT models to support the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) Priority Watersheds project, to determine the impact of agricultural conservation practices within small watersheds in the Great Lakes Basin. She has experience on several other models, such as: HSPF, APEX, HEC-HMS. Her other past work has included GIS based projects, including inundation mapping, calculating basin characteristics, and creating arcPython based scripts to automate calculations, compute statistics and produce reports. Her work in Arkansas concluded with a capstone project, documenting everything groundwater in the state, which was one of the top OGW publications for 2014. She also worked on the 2015 USGS water use compilation for the Illinois. She previously worked on a wide range of environmental engineering and water quality projects while in federal consulting (EPA, DOD, DOE) for two years.