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Kenna D Butler

Kenna serves as the Bureau Quality Management System (QMS) Coordinator in the Office of Science Quality and Integrity (OSQI), where she oversees and guides the activities of the Bureau QMS Work Group from policy development to implementation plans.

She works closely with Mission Areas and Regional Management to ensure consistency across the Bureau, and assures the successful implementation of a QMS in all USGS laboratories.  Kenna joined the USGS in 2001 as a chemistry laboratory manager in the Water Mission Area's National Research Program working with George Aiken, where her research focused on dissolved organic carbon characterization, migration and metal interaction in aquatic environments.  After 14 years in that role, she entered center management before beginning her current role in 2018.  As the NRP Central Branch Chief, Kenna oversaw the scientific priorities of 80 personnel, directly supervising 23 GS-15 and ST scientists.  As a member of the NRP Management Team, Kenna was responsible for a complex scientific portfolio.  Prior to joining the USGS, Kenna worked for the U.S. Army in Germany as a drinking water quality organic chemist working under an ISO accredited quality system.  Kenna holds a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry and a Master's degree in Management with an emphasis on Public Administration.