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Leslie D. Arihood

Leslie Arihood worked at the U.S. Geological Survey as a hydrologist for 38 years and as a Scientist Emeritus for 7 years at the Indianapolis office. He has completed several projects in the areas of ground water, surface water, water quality, and sediment transport analysis. He is now involved in establishing a national water well log data base and in a hydrogeologic analysis of the data base. 

Specific projects include groundwater and sediment transport modeling, source water assessments, aquifer testing, estimation of low flows, and watershed water-quality and wetland characteristic assessments. He specialized in the use of GIS programming to investigate ground- and surface-water resources. After retirement in 2010, he became a Scientist Emeritus with the U.S. Geological Survey. He is currently working on the USGS national glacial aquifer study converting State well log data bases into standardized GIS data sets. He has standardized the lithologic descriptions into useable code and subsequently created several interpretive grids and maps. The grids include total sand and gravel thickness, texture based hydraulic conductivity, and bedrock surface altitude, and the maps include bedrock surface lithology.

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