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Lisa Webb, PhD

Regional Supervisor - Southern Region - Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units

In 2024, Lisa accepted the Unit Supervisor (South) Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit position.  Unit scientists and unit supervisors work with cooperators to help them identify their needs, and unit supervi­sors ensure that all research conducted is aligned with the USGS mission.

Originally from upstate New York, Dr. Webb was the Assistant Unit Leader of the Missouri Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit and Cooperative Associate Professor in the School of Natural Resources at the University of Missouri. Prior to joining the Missouri Unit in 2011, Dr. Webb received her undergraduate degree from Washington and Lee University and graduate degrees from Southern Illinois University – Carbondale and Texas Tech University. 

Previously, Lisa was the applied water bird and wetland ecologist with a research program focused on understanding the interactions among species life history strategies, spatial ecology and distributions of wetland-dependent organisms. Her research expertise includes quantifying the role of spatial habitat configuration and composition in influencing distributions, behaviors, movements and fitness of wetland-dependent taxa. Lisa is particularly interested in investigating the mechanistic relationships and spatial processes of animal distributions, with an emphasis on understanding how these relationships are altered by management practices, anthropogenic activities and land use change. Her research incorporates field and lab experiments with remote-sensing tools, simulation modeling and quantitative methods to answer novel, applied wildlife research questions from local to continental scales.