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Lisa Wetzel

I see fish as an interesting and integral part of our world; for recreation, as a food source and for ecosystem function. I have worked as a fishery biologist for over 25 years and have expertise in life history analysis, specifically using otoliths (microstructure and microchemistry) to gain insight into fish age, growth, habitat usage, and migration history.

Research Interests:

I am interested in evaluating life history characteristics of fish to increase our understanding of how populations function within their ecosystem and how we can best support and restore them. I am also interested in the impact that hatchery, introduced or invasive species have on native populations and food webs.

I have experience with various fisheries field and laboratory techniques including: beach seining, fyke netting, lampara netting, electrofishing, weir design and installation, hatchery spawning and rearing techniques, cryopreservation of milt, scale mounting, otolith polishing, fish aging (otoliths, scales and fin rays), microstructural analysis of otoliths using an imaging system, microchemical analysis of otoliths (LA-ICPMS, MC-LA-ICPMS).

Other duties have included:

  • Supervision of field crews
  • Coordination with collaborators
  • Budget tracking
  • Proposal writing & project development
  • Lab management-equipment maintenance and supply purchasing
  • Field sampling, including boat operation (MOCC certified)
  • Data analysis, writing for report and article submission, presentation of project results orally and through posters.