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Marshal Hoy

Marshal is a Biological Science Laboratory Technician at the Western Fisheries Research Center.

Research Interests:                                     

I am a member of the Ecology Section at the U.S. Geological Survey's Western Fisheries Research Center in Seattle, WA. I have participated in several projects using environmental DNA (eDNA) technology, which includes involvement in the entire process from molecular assay design, field sampling and laboratory processing/analysis. We have used eDNA based methods to:

  1. Monitor recolonization, distribution and migration of fish species
  2. Provide abundance/biomass/density estimates
  3. Quantification of biodiversity in Marine communities.

I am also involved in many other exciting projects such as the genetic analysis of several fish species (including the development of genetic species marker for the endangered Lost River and shortnose suckers in the Klamath Basin), using food web interactions and bioenergetics to study juvenile salmon survival in Puget Sound, and USGS Elwha River nearshore long-term dam removal monitoring project.