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Martha A Scholl

Martha Scholl is a research hydrologist in the Earth System Processes Division, Water Cycle Branch of the USGS Water Resources Mission Area.  Her work includes synthesizing stable isotope tracer methods with precipitation and land cover characteristics to determine climate patterns that control groundwater recharge and streamflow.  

M.S. 1989 University of Virginia, Environmental Sciences (Hydrology)

B.S.  1985 University of Minnesota Duluth, Geology

Research topics:

Water availability in forested mountain watersheds: Mountain forests provide a steady, sustainable supply of high-quality water, and our research aims to improve understanding of the geologic, land cover and atmospheric interactions that affect this important resource.  

Ecohydrology of cloud forests and coastal fog systems: Cloud water and fog inputs sustain important coastal and mountain ecosystems on six continents.  Our research aims to quantify this unmeasured precipitation source in the water balance, including contributions to soil moisture, transpiration suppression, recharge and streamflow.