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Matt Haney

I am with the USGS and Alaska Volcano Observatory in Anchorage, specializing in volcano seismology. My work involves research on the seismicity and structure of Alaskan volcanoes, volcano monitoring, and the acquisition and processing of data from the AVO seismic network. 

My research interests include volcanic tremor, low frequency seismic signals, seismic noise, infrasound, array processing, tomography, and submarine volcanism.

Publications (reverse chronological order)

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58. Wech, A., Tepp, G., Lyons, J., and Haney, M., 2018, Using earthquakes, T waves, and infrasound to investigate the eruption of Bogoslof volcano, Alaska: Geophysical Research Letters, 45.

57. Iezzi, A. M., Schwaiger, H. F., Fee, D., and Haney, M. M., 2018, Application of an updated atmospheric model to explore volcano infrasound propagation and detection in Alaska: Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research,

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55. Matoza, R. S., Fee, D., Green, D. N., Le Pichon, A., Vergoz, J., Haney, M. M., et al., 2018, Local, regional, and remote seismo‐acoustic observations of the April 2015 VEI 4 eruption of Calbuco volcano, Chile: Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 123, 3814–3827.

54. Haney, M. M., Matoza, R. S., Fee, D., and Aldridge, D. F., 2017, Seismic equivalents of volcanic jet scaling laws and multipoles in acoustics: Geophysical Journal International, 213(1), 623-636, doi:10.1093/gji/ggx554.

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