Megan Poff

Megan joined the USGS in 2004 and is based in Henderson, Nevada.  She is currently a Supervisory Hydrologist (Field Office Chief) for the Southern Nevada Networks Unit and Chair of the Hydrologic Data Advisory Committee.  


Megan started her career with the USGS in 2004 as a Hydrologic Technician in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania under the Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP).  In 2006 she was converted to a Student Career Employment Program (SCEP) employee, and became a permanent employee soon after completing her master's degree.  In addition to running a surface-water field trip, she taught herself basic .xml and .xslt programming and took on the task of improving the stylesheets used for viewing data collected with various field computing programs.  In November of 2010, Megan made the move to Henderson, Nevada for a position as a Hydrologist in the Southern Nevada Networks Unit.  She became the Field Office Chief in late 2011.  Megan has been involved in national USGS work in addition to her work in the field, most recently as the Chair of the Hydrologic Data Advisory Committee.  


As Field Office Chief, she noticed that peak flows were not well-defined for many of the streamgages based in the flashy desert hydrology around Las Vegas.  She became a champion of indirect measurements, to the point where her office is now recognized as a leader for indirect measurements.  She is well-versed in the various methods of surveying and computing peak flow, including step-backwater analyses.  

Megan is an effective communicator and teaches SW1749 Introduction to Streamgaging, SW1182 - Surface Water Rating Curve Analysis, and Aquarius for New Users.  In addition, she recently completed a new technology-enabled learning course funded by Office of Employee Development, "Indirect Measurement Field Technques." All videos are section 508-compliant and available on YouTube. A sample video is here:


B.S. in Environmental Science at Marietta College

M.En in Environmental Sciences at Miami University of Ohio