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Megan S. Jones, PhD

Assistant Unit Leader - Oregon Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

Dr. Jones received graduate degrees from Colorado State University before joining the Oregon Unit in 2022. She conducts research on natural resource communication science topics to inform public outreach and engagement. A primary focus of her research is relational organizing: how communication campaigns can support engaged audiences to not only adopt conservation behaviors, such as planting native plants or reducing attractants for bears around their home, but also to promote these actions to others in their social networks. She is particularly interested in collective action in contexts such as climate action and adaptation, habitat stewardship, and public participation in decision-making. Dr. Jones also studies organizational culture change as it relates to goals of equity and inclusion, and has done research on women’s leadership in conservation organizations. She has taught courses in public communication about natural resources and will be developing new courses related to science communication and the integration of social science into fisheries and wildlife.