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Melanie Culver, PhD

Melanie uses genetic tools and analyses to contribute to management decisions and wildlife conservation. She uses genetic and genomic approaches across a variety of species including evolution, ecology, behavorial ecology, population dynamics, population monitoring, and virology, all which contribute to protecting wildlife and ecosystems.

Melanie is leading a citizen science jaguar and ocelot trail camera monitoring effort in southern Arizona that has detected 3 jaguars and 4 ocelots over the past 10 years. Her recently started projects include conservation genomics of flat-tailed horned lizards in Arizona; emerging viral diseases in at-risk populations of felids and ungulates; and Harris hawks in Baja California Sur.

Research Interests

  • Conservation genetics
  • New technology development
  • Wildlife disease issues
  • Climate change
  • Genomics

Teaching Interests

  • Conservation genetics
  • Conservation biology