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Niky C Taylor


Niky uses Aquatic Remote Sensing and Radiometry to monitor Water Quality and Ecosystems, with particular focus on the San Francisco Bay Area

Niky is an ocean scientist by training, with a background in multi- and hyperspectral remote sensing of coastal and estuarine systems. Her research incorporates remote sensing and radiometric measurements of water and land at multiple scales, encompassing everything from ship-based radiometry to airborne and satellite data processing. Niky’s work is largely focused on creating data products that help inform on ecosystem condition and water quality in San Francisco Bay and coastal California. Current projects include mapping Biofilm in the South San Francisco Bay mudflats, mapping and modeling Mercury concentrations in San Francisco Bay, and supporting other remote sensing efforts in California and the US. Niky also works within the USGS and with other groups on science communication, outreach, and education. She has taught a variety of introductory climate and oceanography courses and mentored 14 undergraduate students through the NASA Student Airborne Research Program (SARP).