Pamela Reilly

Current Projects: 

*Landslide Monitoring in the Atlantic Highlands, NJ. 

*Background Soil Arsenic Concentrations in the NJ Coastal Plain

*Mercury Variability and Sources in the NJ Coastal Plain

*Researching innovative monitoring techniques for HABs

*NAWQA SW lead for NJ WSC


Pamela Reilly is a Hydrologist in the Water Quality and Biological Studies Section of the U.S. Geological Survey New Jersey Water Science center. She received a BS in Biology from Monmouth University in 1998 and a MS in Environmental Studies, with a focus on environmental health, from Rutgers University in 2004. Her work at the USGS is centered on broad, interdisciplinary studies of water quality, hydrology, geochemistry and ecology.  Her present research involves characterizing contaminant sources and mobility in streams and subsurface environments to inform NJ regulatory and remediation actions.  Other research interests include understanding urbanization effects on water resources and using innovative tools for contaminant monitoring.  She is passionate about taking complex scientific findings and communicating them in way that water-resource managers can use to make public health and regulatory decisions.


B.S. Biology, Monmouth University, 1998

M.S. Environmental Science, Rutgers University, 2004

1998-1999.  Environmental Consultant with RMC Environmental at Lakehurst Naval Base, NJ. 

1999-2000.  Intern in the Field Operations Unit, USGS New Jersey Water Science Center

2000-Current. Hydrologist in the Water Quality and Biological Research Studies Section at the USGS New Jersey Water Science Center