Peter C Van Metre

Peter Van Metre is in the Earth System Processes Division of the USGS Water Mission Area. He is coordinator of the Regional Stream Quality Assessment (RSQA) of the USGS National Water Quality Assessment (NAWQA) project.



I’ve been with the USGS since 1980, starting as a Hydrologic Technician in Tampa, Florida, and working my way up through the ranks, eventually becoming a Research Hydrologist and getting a PhD.  In 1991, I joined the NAWQA project as a Water-Quality Specialist and for many years led a small team of researchers determining long-term contaminant trends using lake and reservoir sediment cores. In 2012, with the start of the third decadal cycle of NAWQA, I was chosen to design and lead the Regional Stream Quality Assessment (RSQA) studies. The RSQA team, which includes geochemists, biologists, data management specialists, and hydrologists, is assessing stream quality and ecological condition and determining the effects of multiple chemical and physical stressors on stream biota. From 2013 to 2017, five large regions of the country were assessed, and we continue to interpret the wealth of data produced and publish those findings.


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