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Peter N Schweitzer, Ph. D.

Peter Schweitzer works on scientific information management at the U.S. Geological Survey in Reston Virginia.  With a formal background in geology and oceanography and practical experience in software development, he serves as a bridge between the scientific research and information technology communities.


Currently my work focuses on providing usable scientific data to the public through the internet.  Perhaps best known for producing widely-used software that parses and validates geospatial metadata, I have more recently led a small team to develop controlled vocabularies and used cataloging software to design a topical index of scientific information on the web.

Web sites through which my work is visible:

Mineral Resources on-line spatial data

Mineral Resources data catalog

Formal metadata information and software

USGS Geoscience Data Catalog

Presentation materials

About the USGS Thesaurus



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Putting Metadata in Plain Language
GIS World September 1998; volume 11, number 9, pages 56-59.