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Rose DeComo

Rose is a Wildlife Data Assistant for the Bird Banding Laboratory at the Eastern Ecological Science Center located in Laurel, MD

Rose DeComo has a long history with the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center (PWRC). From 1993-1997 she worked in the Electronic Data Processing section, doing data entry for the Bird Banding Laboratory (BBL), the Breeding Bird Survey, and the Harvest Surveys department. Rose left the PWRC in 1997 to pursue teleworking, then returned to PWRC to work for the BBL in 2004. At that time, Rose worked on processing encounter data and color marker reports. Since 2014, Rose has been in charge all things related to Federal Banding and Marking Permits. These include, but are not limited to, reviewing new applications, making revisions for approved changes on existing permits, and ensuring banders have up-to-date permits for their specific research.