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Sandra Bond

Sandra Bond is a Geographer at the California Water Science Center.

Sandra's primary interest and expertise is the use of remote sensing to assess and map land surface conditions, detect changes, and quantify erosion volumes to support monitoring and mitigation efforts. She was first introduced to terrestrial lidar scanning (TLS) and 3D modeling during her internship in 2004 and has had the opportunity to work on various projects that addressed diverse scientific questions. Applications included post-seismic creep assessment, landslides, post-fire debris flows, erosion monitoring, snow volume changes, and levee and breakwater stability assessments. They also involved developing new lidar application and processing techniques, as well as quality assurance and quality control procedures for these datasets.

Sandra has worked with many other remote sensing techniques and remotely sensed datasets, like airborne lidar, satellite and aerial imagery, UAS, structure-from-motion, photogrammetry, and sonar, and is particularly excited about the visualization potential of these datasets to make the results accessible to both fellow scientists and the general public. She also currently provides geospatial analysis, mapping, and GIS support for various projects.