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Sean Andrews

Sean Andrews is an IT Specialist in the New England Water Science Center.

Sean began his career with the USGS in 2015 as a Student Trainee (Hydrology) for New England WSC in Augusta, ME. His primary duties for that role included mapping floodplains using GIS software and building ESRI mobile applications to provide new tracking methods for surveyors. In 2016, he moved to an IT support position that began with IT Support and System Administration tasks. He continued to expand his knowledge by building applications using Microsoft Power Platform, Python, PowerShell, and other development programs to help increase efficiency of daily USGS tasks.  He has worked with the Large-Scale Particle-image Velocimetry (LSPIV) and River Imaging Sensing (RISE) programs to develop software for collecting and storing imagery with a Raspberry Pi and Amazon Web Services (AWS). He has also delved into 3D modeling and designing by printing a mounting bracket for the Raspberry Pi, holders for sensors, and other parts to help Technicians in the field.