Suzanne Peurach

Suzanne “Suzy” Peurach joined the BBL in November of 2018.  Where she is currently learning about all aspects of associating color markers with federal band numbers in the BBL database.  


Suzy spent the past 22 years as a museum specialist and the past 8 years as the Collections Manager of North American Mammals for the now defunct Biological Survey Unit stationed within the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History.  Her primary duties were caring for and assisting researchers using the NMNH mammal collections. She is also a seasoned field mammalogist, assisting with mammal surveys from North, Central, and South America, as well as most recently in Djibouti, Africa. Suzy’s world travel has given her a great appreciation for biological diversity as well as an understanding of the importance of data integrity and proper nomenclature, a valuable skillset for the BBL.  


M.S. (Biology): George Mason University, 2005

B.S. (Biology): University of New Mexico, 1994