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Thomas M Gushue

Thomas Gushue is currently the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Coordinator for the U.S. Geological Survey’s Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center (GCMRC), a group assigned to studying the impacts of the Glen Canyon Dam on the downstream resources of the Colorado River corridor. 

In this capacity, Tom leads GCMRC's Geospatial Science and Technology project that provides expertise and support to the Center in database and geospatial data management, geospatial analysis, enterprise GIS administration, and development of tools and applications for accessing geospatial data online.

Established to meet the mandates of the Grand Canyon Protection Act of 1992, the GCMRC conducts a variety of studies related to long-term monitoring of the cultural and natural resources of this unique canyon environment.  At the heart of much of this work is the GIS platform that provides a consistent spatial reference system for overlay and analyzing the wealth of data collected as part of the GCMRC’s mission.  As GIS Coordinator, Tom is involved with monitoring and research efforts that have spatial aspects associated with them.


Enterprise GIS - ESRI ArcGIS Server, Portal for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Pro administration

Web Mapping Services

Web Application development

Oracle Database Administration (Geospatial Data)