Vic Engel, Ph.D.



Ph.D., Earth and Environmental Science, Columbia University, 2002                    
Dissertation Title: Biophysical controls on canopy water balance                        
Advisors: Kevin Griffin, Wallace Broecker, Marc Stieglitz                 

M.S., Systems Ecology, University of Florida, 1995 
Advisor: Howard T. Odum Land surface-atmosphere interactions, enclosed ecosystems, wetland ecology                                

B.A. Environmental Studies, New College of Sarasota, FL, 1991                        
Advisor: J.T. Morrill    


Victor Engel joined the USGS' Southeast Ecological Science Center (SESC) in Gainesville, Florida, as a Branch Chief, Supervisory Hydrologist. The scientists in his branch focus primarily on invasive species, ecological modeling and decision-science, with an emphasis on addressing science needs in south Florida related to the Everglades.           



2015                Wildlife-Energy Program Specialist, Detail assignment (4 mo.) for USGS Ecosystems Mission Area, Reston, VA.

2013                Courtesy Research Assistant Scientist, Dept. of Environmental Engineering Sciences, Univ. of Florida, Gainesville, Fl.    

2012 –            Member, South Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative

2012 –            Supervisory Hydrologist (GS-14), Southeast Ecological Science Center, USGS

2011 –            Co-Lead of the Carbon Cycle Working Group of the Florida Coastal Everglades Long Term Ecological Research (FCE-  LTER) Program

2010 –            Member, The Everglades-Pantanal Initiative with The Universidad de Mato Grosso and The Chico Mendes Institute.

2010 – 2012  Member, Synthesis of Everglades Restoration and Ecosystem Services (SERES), The Everglades Foundation

2003 – 2012  Eco-Hydrologist (GS-13), Everglades National Park, Homestead, FL.

2007 – 2011  Member, Exec. Steering Committee and Co-lead of the Hydrology Working Group of the FCE-LTER

2005 – 2010   Co-chair, Greater Everglades Wetlands Team, Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP) Monitoring and Assessment.

2002 – 2003   Post-doctoral Research Associate, Duke University, Durham, NC.      

Recent Projects  

Robust decision-making for south Florida water resources by ecosystem service valuation, hydro-economic optimization, and conflict resolution monitoring, Principal author of the proposal and member of the external advisory panel for project that includes 14 institutions and 20 PIs. National Science Foundation, Water Sustainability and Climate, 2013. $4.9 M  

Linking freshwater inputs to ecosystem functioning and services provided by a large mangrove estuary, co-PI with Michael Sukop, William T. Anderson, Rudolf Jaffe, and Jennifer Rehage (FIU), Jose Fuentes (Penn State), and David Ho (University of Hawaii). National Science Foundation, Water Sustainability and Climate, 2011. $150,000  

Interactive Effects of Water Management and Vegetation on Flow Patterns in the Everglades, co-PI with Michael Sukop (FIU), ENP Critical Ecosystem Studies Initiative $75,000  

Surface-groundwater interactions in Everglades tree islands, co PI with Tiffany Troxler and Jenny Richards (FlU). US Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District 2010-2012, $90,000/yr  

Mangrove forest functioning in response to hurricane disturbance, co-PI with Jose Fuentes (Penn State Univ.), Victor Rivera-Monroy and Robert Twilley (Louisiana State Univ.) 2009-2011, DOE National Institute of Climate Change Research $65,000/yr.  

Tree Islands in the ridge and slough landscape: current status, historical changes, and hydrologic impacts on population dynamics and moisture relations, co-PI with Michael Ross and Steve Oberbauer (FIU) and Leonel de la Silva Sternberg (University of Miami), US Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District 2007-2009, $80,000/yr  

Vegetation Dynamics in Relation to Hydrology and Flow in the Everglades co-PI with Marc Stieglitz (Georgia Institute of Tech.) 2009, ENP Critical Ecosystem Studies Initiative $60,000  

Ridge and Slough Pattern formation in the Everglades, co-PI with Paolo D’Odorico (Univ. of Virginia) ENP Critical Ecosystem Studies Initiative 2008-2010, $45,000/yr  

Multi-scale analysis and probabilistic projections of sea level rise for the Everglades: Scenarios for Risk Management co-PI with Upmanu Lall (Columbia Univ.) ENP Critical Ecosystem Studies Initiative 2008-2010, $75,000/yr  

Determination of large-scale flow patterns and air-water gas exchange in ridge and slough habitat using a conservative tracer, co-PI with David Ho (Univ. of Hawaii) ENP Critical Ecosystem Studies Initiative 2009-2011, $123,000/yr    


Fall 2013 –      Systems Ecology Graduate Seminar, Univ. of Florida, Guest lecturer

Spring 2014     Coastal Ecosystems, Univ. of Florida, Civil and Coastal Engineering, Graduate level, 4 lecture Everglades module, with Dr. C. Angelini  

Spring 2010     Everglades Ecohydrology, Univ. of Miami, Center for Environmental Science and Policy. Undergraduate, co-taught with Dr. J. Bolson    

Memberships/ Certifications

USGS Leadership 101 (May 2014)

Strategic Habitat Conservation Workshop Certificate of Completion (October 2012)

USGS Supervisory Challenge (April 2012)

Member - American Geophysical Union (AGU)

Marine Operators Certification Course (MOCC)

Federal Government Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR) Federal Government Cooperative Agreement Representative (CA)      

Awards, Honors, etc

2012-15          Superior Ranking - Annual Performance Reviews

2010               Interviewed on The Weather Channel, “Cantori’s Stories”

2009               Appearance in National Geographic Channel Everglades documentary

2007               Interviewed on The Weather Channel, “The Climate Code”

2007               NPS Performance award 40 hrs A/L (also in 2008, 2009 & 2010)

2005               DOI $2000 STAR cash award 

2000              Columbia University Climate Center Award, $6000  

1998               Columbia University Climate Center Award, $3000

1996-2002    Research Assistantship, Biosphere 2 Center, Tucson, AZ

1993-1995     Graduate Research Assistantship, University of Florida

1995               Tau Beta Pi – the Engineering Honor Society

1995               Sigma Xi Honor Society