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Earthquake Equipment Repairs and Hardening in California, Puerto Rico, and Utah

In FY 2022, USGS received disaster supplement funds (Public Law 117-43) for the following activities:


USGS scientist with earthquake equipment
USGS scientist with earthquake equipment
  • Portable seismic equipment is used to improve the accuracy of earthquake characterization (location, depth, and magnitude frequency) in aftershock sequences and to maintain critical situational awareness.
  • Seismic deployments in California, Puerto Rico, and Utah earthquake disasters (2019–20) and depleted USGS stock of available portable sensors revealed equipment vulnerabilities that can cause sensors to not collect high-quality real-time data.
  • Funding will be used to replace and harden portable seismometer kits to decrease failure in the field and subsequent data loss. Datalogger upgrades will have more reliable connectivity and reduce support software requirements.



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