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Puerto Rico Geological Hazards Capacity and Response

In FY 2023, USGS received disaster supplement funds (Public Law 117-328) to assess structural impacts from 2022-season hurricanes and to identify recovery and planning needs.

View of destroyed buildings from the coast
Buildings destroyed during Hurricane Maria in Rincón, Puerto Rico. Photograph taken on August 28, 2021, almost four years after the hurricane.

Specific tasks and benefits

  • In the wake of Hurricane Fiona, Puerto Rico dealt with damage from flooding and landslides that resulted in island-wide power outages, casualties, and destroyed or threatened homes, roads, and other infrastructure.
  • Funding will be used to build new capacity in Puerto Rico to assess after-storm conditions and impacts from the 2022 hurricane season and to identify consequent and ongoing threats through landslide and coastal hazard assessments to aid in recovery planning.
  • Efforts will include providing risk communication products in English and Spanish to support recovery and rebuilding in areas with exposure to landslide, coastal erosion, and flooding hazards.

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