Nathaniel Plant


I am current involved in 4 primary research and applied projects.  These projects all focus on understanding, predicting, and assessing aspects of coastal change and the interaction of these changes with natural or human systems.  The projects differ in the focal time scale, which ranges from climate-change time scales (100s to 1000s of years) to event time scales (hours to days).  And the projects differ in the balance between fundamental and applied research leading to assessments of coastal vulnerabilities that impact coastal management.  My approach is to use applications (e.g., oil spill, hurricane, and endangered species response) to focus fundamental research on objectives that will have intrinsic scientific value as well as societal impact.  The common thread for my research efforts are (1) coupling of the interacting physical, biological, and societal systems models, (2) development of these models and increasing their skill and accuracy, and (3) evaluating model-based hypotheses with robust and powerful statistical methods.  


National Assessment of Coastal Change Hazards

National Assessment of Storm-Induced Coastal Change Hazards

Barrier Island Evolution