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205.13 - Delegations of Authority to Enter into Agreements and to Accept Contributions




Issuance Number:      205.13

Subject:                            Delegations of Authority to Enter into Agreements and to Accept Contributions    

Issuance Date:            1/20/2023

Expiration Date:         9/30/2027

Responsible Office:    Office of Administration; Office of Policy and Analysis

Instruction:                  This supersedes Survey Manual (SM) chapter 205.13, dated February 13, 2018, and includes updates to existing organizational structure and programs in Appendix A.

Approving Official:     /s/ Shari M. DeLung

                                          Acting Associate Director for Administration


1.    Purpose.  This SM chapter establishes delegations of authority necessary to approve agreements and accept donations and funds coming into the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) from outside sources.  Authority is delegated in Appendix A.

2.    Scope.  This policy applies to all USGS employees.

3.    Policy.  General provisions regarding policy and limitations on delegations are established in SM 200.1, Delegations; and general provisions regarding policy and guidelines on redelegations are established in SM 200.2, Redelegations.  Managers and supervisors retain the power to exercise the authority that is being delegated to their subordinates.  An official entering into an agreement is responsible for ensuring their statutory authority to enter into such an agreement.  SM 500.19, Donations to USGS from Outside Sources, establishes policy and general procedures for USGS to accept donations.  SM 500.18, Grants (Funds-in) – Application and Acceptance, provides policy and general procedure for USGS to accept grant awards from outside sources made to USGS through competitive processes. SM 500.26, Domestic Memorandum of Understanding, provides policy and general procedure for preparation and approval of the domestic Memorandum of Understanding.

4.    Deferred Publication of Analyses and Interpretive Reports.  Deferred publication of analyses and interpretive reports must be approved by the responsible Associate Director for all reimbursable work. 

5.    General Procedure.  Any agreements requiring OPA coordination or approval, as provided in Appendix A, must route through the approved Agreement Review System.


Appendix A