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308.50 - Bureau of Reclamation/USGS Intra-agency Committee for Program Coordination

It is in the national interest that related program responsibilities of the Bureau of Reclamation/USGS are closely coordinated and mutually supportive. 


OPR: Director's Office

1. Establishment. Originally established by Memorandum of Understanding signed January 30, 1978, by the Commissioner, Bureau of Reclamation (BOR), and the Acting Director, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). Revised version approved by the Commissioner, BOR, on March 30, 1992, and the Director, USGS, on April 9, 1992.

2. Purpose or Function. It is in the national interest that related program responsibilities of the BOR and USGS be closely coordinated and mutually supportive. The duties and responsibilities of the BOR/USGS Intra-agency Committee for Program Coordination are:

A. To coordinate related programs and research within the full range of interface between the two bureaus. These include programs involving the following activities:

(1) Water-related activities.

(2) Geologic and other thematic mapping and engineering geology.

(3) Mapping, cartography, remote sensing, and geographic information systems.

(4) Data and information management.

(5) Biological and earth science resources monitoring, assessments, surveys, and investigations.

B. To identify areas where cooperation would be mutually beneficial (e.g., programs within the missions and competence of the two bureaus that should be planned and/or undertaken jointly).

C. To provide for the exchange of data, information, and findings of mutual concern.

D. To exchange program and budget information during the preparation stages, and to share information with budgetary implications whenever appropriate.

3. Representation.

Co-Chairpersons: Associate Director for Programs, USGS, and Assistant Commissioner, BOR.

Executive Secretariat: Chief, Office of Program Planning and Coordination, USGS; representative as designated by the Assistant Commissioner, BOR.

Members: Each bureau shall appoint a policy-level official to serve as Subcommittee Co-Chairpersons of each of the permanent Subcommittees as identified in paragraph 6.

4. Staff. To be provided by the Co-Chairpersons.

5. Meetings. The Committee will meet annually, or at the discretion of the Co-Chairpersons.

6. Permanent Subcommittees. Water-Related Activities; Engineering Geology and Geologic Hazards; Mapping and Remote Sensing; Biological Activities; and Information Systems.

7. Termination Date. None. The Committee will continue until either party declares its abolition in writing. The charter for this Committee shall be reviewed every 3 years.