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Misc. Products - Geological

Components that impact or aids in the study of materials that make up the earth like minerals and water.

Misc. Products - Geological

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Patent Name  Patent Number 

Microbially-mediated method for synthesis of metal

chalcogenide nanoparticles

Subsurface Sampler 10,704,993
Laser rod surface elevation table device and method 9,803,978
Automatic Surface Elevation Table (Auto SET) 9,696,197
Safe, Directional, Drought-Resistant Dug Well (SDDW) 9,689,235

A Spectral Method for Determining the Source of Expanded

Vermiculite Insulation in Attics and Walls


Measuring Seawater Capacitance in Three Dimensions as

Well as Time


Method for the Removal of Phosphorus from Wastewater

Using Acid Mine Drainage Sludge in a Flow-Through Contacter

Method for the Removal of Phosphorus from Wastewater  7,294,275

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