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Airborne Geophysical Survey Inventory of the US Interactive Application

November 10, 2021
geoophysical data viewer screenshot
Screenshot of Feature Layer in Map Viewer for Airborne Geophysical Survey Inventory of the Conterminous United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico,

This is a web application providing interactive search, query, and download of the Airborne Geophysical Survey Inventory of the Conterminous United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico (Johnson and others, 2019). The inventory documents public airborne geophysical surveys primarily flown by or contracted by the USGS from 1943 to present. In addition, surveys from the State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys (DGGS): Airborne GeophysWeb, the Bureau of Land Management, the Department of Energy and other state agencies have also been included. The surveys have contributed to studies under USGS programs including Water, Geologic Mapping, Minerals, Energy, Environmental Health, Ecosystems, Hazards, and Climate. This dataset contains locations for known and inventoried surveys, shows the footprints of the survey area, and summarizes data type (aeromagnetic (M), electromagnetic (EM), radiometric (R), gravity (G), and very low frequency EM (V)) and survey details. This dataset continues inventory and documentation efforts including digitized and digital geophysical surveys of state and national compilations (Connard and others, 1999; USGS, 2002; Chandler, 2007; USGS, 1999; Hill and others, 2009; USGS, 2018; DGGS, 2019; Johnson and others, 2019) in addition to many individual published surveys (Open-File Reports (OFR), Geophysical Investigations (GP), and data releases to ScienceBase; a trusted digital repository (USGS, 2019). Access to the survey data itself is also provided where available as the inventory catalogs completed and contracted surveys including those that have not been published to date.

In support of the Earth Mapping Resources Initiative (Earth MRI) (Day, 2019) suitability rankings of airborne geophysical surveys for supporting geologic studies were evaluated and determined for aeromagnetic and aeroradiometric data by Eric Anderson, Ben Drenth, V. J. S. Grauch, Anne McCafferty, Anji Shah, and Dan Scheirer of the USGS. The aeromagnetic suitability rankings documented by Drenth and Grauch (2019) were applied to the geophysical survey inventory based on data type, survey specifications, and data issues with 1 being the best and 5 being the least suitable. The criteria used to rank the surveys are explained in Table 1 (Drenth and Grauch, 2019) and described in detail in the process step of this metadata. In addition aeroradiometric rankings were also derived by Anjana K. Shah and have been incorporated.