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Geonarrative Collection: Hampton Roads Stormwater Monitoring

June 20, 2023

About This Tool

This application takes readers through the background of the Hampton Roads water quality monitoring program, goes in-depth into the program's first five years of findings, and explains helpful methods for monitoring similar watersheds.

The Hampton Roads Regional Water Quality Monitoring Program is a summary of our monitoring program and explains why small urban watersheds like those in Hampton Roads are important to study and understand. Educated the reader on concepts such as stream flashiness, impervious surfaces and their effect on runoff, nutrient pollution, and turbidity.

Stormwater Quantity and Quality in Hampton Roads shares the results of the first five years of monitoring this network. This page goes into detail on measured precipitation, streamflow, and water quality, and explains what these results might tell us about how the Hampton Roads watersheds differ from other non-urbanized watersheds.

Methods for Monitoring Small Urban Watersheds shares the techniques used by researchers to monitor urban watersheds in Hampton Roads. Includes insights on delineating urban watersheds, selecting study sites, safety considerations, and methods of sampling and data collection.


An animated infographic of stormwater runoff in urban watersheds.
Stormwater Runoff in Urban Watersheds such as those found in Hampton Roads.