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Lake Class and Walleye Natural Resources Information

December 15, 2023

This tool was conceived as a method for connecting research on the future of walleye natural recruitment back to fisheries managers in Wisconsin. The tool itself is designed with the Resist-Accept-Direct (RAD) framework in mind. The goal being that users of the tool can use the information provided here to inform their decisions (or their advice to those with decision-making authority) about whether to Resist, Accept, or Direct in walleye fisheries in Wisconsin.

Conceptually, the tool is predicated on comparisons between a user-selected lake, other lakes it currently resembles (wherever you see the word 'Current' this is what is being referred to), and other lakes it will resemble in 2050 (wherever 'Future' is mentioned, this group of lakes is being referred to). The idea here is that this 3-way comparison can provide context for how the user-selected lake compares, in relative terms, to other similar lakes now. Throughout the tool you will see data broken into categories for the user selected lake, 'Current' and 'Future'. The 'Current' and 'Future' categories refer to the time period being referenced for the specific lake. Here 'Current' = 2020 and 'Future' = 2050.

Refer to the publication below for additional information on this tool.