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July 29, 2022

Learn more about the Science Data Management Branch or explore our other data management tools.

What does this tool do? 

Screenshot of the ScienceBase Homepage
Screenshot of the ScienceBase homepage.


ScienceBase is a Trusted Digital Repository (TDR) in the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). The platform is developed and maintained by the USGS Science Analytics and Synthesis (SAS) Science Data Management (SDM) team to provide both permission-controlled and public access to scientific data products and bureau resources.  

Items in ScienceBase adhere to a standardized data schema with consistent informational facets (e.g., title, abstract, keywords, etc.). This supports advanced query abilities and a mechanism to store and catalog different types of resources. Content in ScienceBase is accessible through both a web browser and an application programming interface (API), to enable users and tools to work with item content as machine-readable JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). 

ScienceBase provides a number of features that scientists can use to build data collections, share data through web services, and ensure that these data are preserved for use by future researchers. The project supports open data, re-usable vocabularies, contact management, repository services, content security, and the handling of large datasets. 


Who is the audience for this tool? 


ScienceBase is a resource for USGS employees and individuals or groups working in partnership or as collaborators with the USGS (partner efforts must have one or more USGS participants). For additional information about using ScienceBase, please contact or view the ScienceBase User Agreement.



How do I get started? 


General Documentation 

Search / Advanced Search 

ScienceBase Communities


ScienceBase API use

ScienceBase is based on a REST service architecture using JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) as a data transport format for reading items and for manipulating data in ScienceBase (create, update, and delete). The ScienceBase Item core model and all extensions are stored natively in ScienceBase JSON or sbJSON. The ScienceBase REST service uses sbJSON to retrieve information about an item, update an item, and create new items. 

Most users interested in these features will benefit from the code libraries written in Python and R for using ScienceBase:


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