Human Capital

Verification of Employment

Employees should request that institutions send the Employment Verification forms (for home mortgage loans, etc.) directly to the Payroll’s Customer Support Center at the following address:

Department of the Interior
Interior Business Center
Customer Support Center, D2605
P. O. Box 272030
Denver, CO 80227-9030
Fax 303-969-5463

Interior Business Center - Payroll Operations - Verification of Employeement

Employment verification can also be accomplished through Employee Express.  The Work Number: Proof of Employment and Income provides a secure and convenient way to authorize third-party verifiers (lender, landlords, social service agencies, and prospective employers, etc.) to verify employment and/or income. The Work Number button is located under Related Links at the bottom of the screen after logging into Employee Express.

Requests for Employment Verification should not be sent to the return address on the employee's Earnings and Leave Statement.

The contact telephone number for follow-up information on Employment Verification Forms is the Payroll Hotline number: 303-969-7732. (This is the number that appears at the bottom of each employee's Earnings and Leave Statement.)

Employment Verification forms sent by employees to their cost center have to be forwarded to the Payroll Customer Service Office, thereby delaying their completion.



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