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Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources assists in building and deploying an effective and diverse workforce to support the U.S. Geological Survey's mission.

Overall leadership and management of the USGS human resources (HR) program is provided by the Bureau Human Resources Officer, who

  •  Develops and implements policies, programs, and services to provide a broad range of human resource issues, including
    • career management
    • collaborative action and dispute resolution
    • compensation
    • employment
    • executive resources
    • labor and employee relations
    • performance management
    • workforce and succession plans
  • Leads the evaluation and oversight of the HR program
  • Assists and advises USGS management in the planning and implementation of human resource goals consistent with agency policies and mission
  • Provides advice and support for the planning, development, implementation, oversight, and evaluation of HR information systems
  • Conducts formulation, justification, and execution activities for the Office of Human Resources budget
  • Provides for the active participation on a variety of leadership teams and committees, both at the bureau and agency level, to facilitate HR's role as a partner and consultant to management

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