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Conflict Management

Welcome to the USGS Collaborative Action and Dispute Resolution (CADR) Office

Our office provides impartial and confidential assistance to USGS employees seeking to improve and/or resolve workplace issues and concerns. Services are for all USGS employees and managers and include:

Points of Interest


How do I know if CADR is the right place for my issues or concerns? 

Consider the following examples…
  • Are you experiencing difficulties working with your supervisor, employee, manager, or co-worker?
  • Are you uncomfortable handling difficult conversations, such as those concerning duty performance, staff relationships, work assignments, evaluations, and awards?
  • Do communications or personality differences create teamwork challenges?
  • Would you like to learn how to address interpersonal workplace stresses and strains with effective COnflict REsolution?
  • Could you use coaching on how to facilitate a potentially contentious meeting?
  • Do you feel discrimination is an issue?
  • Are you a manager/supervisor having difficulty with an employee?
  • Do you want to know more about the employee grievance process?
  • Would you like more information on COnflict REsolution?


— Impartial and Confidential Services for Individuals and Teams in Conflict —


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