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Melody Sutherland

Human Resources Officer

Cathy Smith

Employee/Labor Relations & Benefits Chief

Christine Morris

Human Resources Officer

Kathryn "Deann" Knox

Human Resources Officer

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Workforce Data and Analysis Program Manager Pamela Agnew 703-648-7435
Workforce Planning and Data Specialist Brian Arnold-Renicker 303-236-9578
Human Resources Specialist Sadieann Bello 916-278-9383
HR Specialist Amy Bradley 703-648-7457
Instructional Systems Specialist Chad Bushman
Collaborative Action & Dispute Resolution (CADR) Manager Cheryl Caldwell 703-648-7469
Program Manager, Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey and Employee Engagement Ashley Cannady 703-648-7495
Training Specialist Stacey Clarke 303-445-4674
Anti-Harassment Program Manager Jo-Ann Dominique 916-995-3150
Chief, Office of Organizational Development and Organizational Development Consultant Peggy Gardiner 703-648-6824
Supervisory, IT Specialist Patricia M. Gonwa 303-445-4680
New Employee Orientation (NEO) Program Manager Nancy Gregory 720-903-6097
Senior Program Analyst, Leadership and Supervisory Development Jennifer Jones
Developmental Programs Manager Kim Miller 304-743-5429
Human Resources Officer Christine Morris 916-278-9400
Regional Management Officer Rona Peters 916-278-9558
IT Specialist Ralph Roland 303-445-4678
Dispute Resolution and Anti-Harassment Specialist Angela Scarlato 703-638-2451
Employee/Labor Relations & Benefits Chief Cathy Smith 703-648-7428
Human Resources Officer Melody Sutherland 703-648-7471