Survey Manual

205.13 - Delegations of Authority to Enter into Agreements and to Accept Contributions

Date: 2/13/2018

OPR: Office of Administration

Instruction: This replaces Survey Manual (SM) chapter 205.13, dated April 11, 2011.  This chapter reflects a change in the Office of Primary Responsibility, and clarifies scope of coverage, approval authority, and date of expiration.  Appendix A reflects changes to: (1) include delegation to approve Standard Collaborative Agreements without OPA review (Section D); (2) add new agreement categories (Section F Standard and Non-Standard Facility Use/Service Agreements (FUSA); (3) remove language on exceptions (Section B Intergovernmental Cooperation Act Agreements, Section D Non-Standard Collaborative Agreements, and Section K Non-Standard Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Agreements); (4) provide references and/or clarification on required documentation (Sections C, E, and F); (5) update authority delegated to Office Chiefs reporting to the Director/Deputy Director and Managers and Supervisors who report directly to Senior Executive Service Managers (Sections D, H, and I); and (6) update authority delegated for International Agreements under the Foreign Assistance Act [22 U.S.C. 2357] (Section G).   

1.  Purpose.  This SM chapter establishes delegations of authority necessary to approve agreements and accept contributions at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).  Authority is delegated in Appendix A of this chapter. 

2.  Scope.  This policy applies to all USGS employees.

3.  Policy.  General provisions regarding policy and limitations on delegations are established in SM 200.1, Delegations; and general provisions regarding policy and guidelines on redelegations are established in SM 200.2, Redelegations.  Managers and supervisors retain the power to exercise the authority that is being delegated to their subordinates.  An official entering into an agreement is responsible for ensuring his or her statutory authority to enter into such an agreement.

4.  Deferred Publication of Analyses and Interpretive Reports.  For reimbursable work, deferred publication of analyses and interpretive reports must be approved by the responsible Associate Director. 

5.  Expiration Date.  This SM chapter must be revised per SM 431.5, Directives Management.

Appendix A


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