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ARRA 2009-05, ARRA Hiring Approval

Issuance Date: May 2009

Expiration Date: Retain Until Superseded


1. Purpose. This Instructional Memorandum provides the process and form to be completed when requesting approval to hire (e.g. students, term or temporary appointments and/or time-limited promotions or reassignments) in support of the USGS ARRA Projects.

2.  Roles and Responsibilities.

a. ARRA Project Managers: (i) request approval to hire through their HQ/Regional Human Resources Office
b. ARRA Program Managers: (i) ensures hire is specifically related to ARRA projects, (ii) ensures funds are available within the project or administrative funds to support the hire according to policy
c. Headquarters Human Resources Officer: (i) ensures hire is in accordance with DOI ARRA Hiring guidance; (ii) assigns a position description number for the position and coordinates with the servicing HR Office
d. Associate Director, APS/CFO: (i) approves or denies the request
e. Servicing Human Resources Specialist: (i) starts the hiring process working with the Project/Program Manager

3. Background. Upon approval of USGS ARRA projects, initial staffing needs were prepared for the $140M approved projects to include Program Managers, Project Managers, Contracting Officers, and Financial Support.  Individuals assigned to these roles and funded by ARRA will become the USGS ARRA Roster used in reconciliation of ARRA accounts and reporting to DOI.

4. ARRA Roster Reporting Requirements. USGS will track all employees funded for payroll, travel, and/or other expenses using ARRA funds. 

a. Initial Roster:  Each Program Manager is responsible for submitting a list of names of those individuals who will be charging an ARRA approved account.
b. Weekly Reporting Requirements:  As part of the weekly reporting requirement, Program Managers will continue to submit names of new individuals who will be charging to ARRA. 
c. Reconciliation of Roster:  APS will reconcile roster to ARRA accounts.


/s/  Karen D. Baker                                                                              May 18, 2009

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Associate Director for Administrative Policy and Services