Survey Manual

Chapters 370.400 - 370.499


Table of Contents

370.400.1         USGS Employee Survey Program

370.405.1         New Employee Orientation

Employee Performance and Utilization

370.410.1         Training - General Provisions

370.410.2         Career Development Program

370.410.3         Training Procedures

370.410.5         Payment of Training Expenses

370.410.8         Long-Term and Extended Training

370.410.9         Mentoring for New Center Directors

370.412.1         Supervisory, Management, and Executive Development --General Provisions

370.412.2         Supervisory, Management, and Executive Development --Supervisory Development

370.412.3         Supervisory, Management, and Executive Development--Management Development

Administrative Series- Performance Appraisal Personnel

370.451.1         On-the-Spot Awards