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Administration Series/General, 302.1-344.16

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302.1                Automatic Succession
302.2                Automatic Succession - Director



308.1                Committee Management - Objectives and Responsibilities
308.10              Alaska Survey Committee
308.15              International Activities Committee
308.17              National Center Fine Arts Committee
308.18              Incentive Awards Committee
308.26              Emergency Preparedness Committee
308.32              U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service/USGS Intra-agency Committee for Program Coordination
308.33              Federal Emergency Management Agency/USGS Interagency Committee for Program Coordination
308.34              Office of Surface Mining/USGS Intra-agency Committee for Program Coordination
308.35              Soil Conservation Service/USGS Interagency Coordinating Committee for Exchange of Data and Program Coordination
308.36              Defense Mapping Agency/USGS Interagency Committee for Program Coordination
308.38              National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/USGS Interagency Committee for Program Coordination
308.39              Bureau of Land Management/USGS Intra-agency Committee for Program Coordination
308.42              Business Enterprise Council
308.44              Reactor Operations Committee
308.49              Minerals Management Service/USGS Intra-agency Committee for Program Coordination
308.50              Bureau of Reclamation/USGS Intra-agency Committee for Program Coordination
308.51              Environmental Protection Agency/USGS Interagency Committee for Program Coordination
308.52              U.S. Forest Service/USGS Interagency Committee for Program Coordination
308.54              USGS Ethics Committee
308.55              USGS Geographic Data Committee
308.56              Workplace Equity, Engagement, and Excellence Council (WE3)

308.57              Human Resources Council
308.59              Special Emphasis Program Advisory Committee
308.60              Information Systems Steering Committee
308.61              Configuration Management Committee
308.62              Information Management and Technology Investment Review Board Charter
308.62.1           USGS Facilities Investment Review Subcommittee
308.63              Real Property Efficiency Plan (RPEP) Team
308.64              Occupational Safety and Health Council
308.66              Specialized Safety Program Committees
308.67              Business Leaders Team
308.68              Field Managers Team
308.70              American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Accountability Transparency Oversight Board
308.73              USGS Sustainability Council (supersedes 308.63)
308.74              USGS Fundamental Science Practices Advisory Council
308.75              USGS Executive Leadership Team
308.76              USGS Collections Steering Committee



313.4                Facsimile Transmission Equipment
313.6                Federal Telecommunications System (FTS2000)
313.10              Listening In or Recording Telephone Conversations
313.11              Placing Personal Calls
313.12              Telephone Equipment
313.13              Radiocommunications



318.1                Freedom of Information Act



319.1                Privacy Act Program



335.1                Accountable Officers
335.3                Charge Cards
335.4                Employee Claims for Reimbursement of Official Business Expenditures
335.5                Cost Recovery for Services Provided to the Non-Federal Sector
335.6                Working Capital Fund
335.7                Professional Liability Insurance Reimbursement



327.1                Funds Control



336.1               Billing Other Federal Agencies
336.2               Billing Non-Federal Customers and Former and Current Employees


338.1              Collection and Deposit - General
338.2              Accounts Receivable - Sales of Publications and Other Products
338.3              Collection of Erroneous Payment of Pay and Allowances to Employees
338.4              Collection of Debts
338.5              Refunds - Publications and Other Products
338.7              Waiver of Claims for Erroneous Payments of Pay
338.8              Checks Payable Only by Foreign Banks
338.9              Proceeds from the Sale of Personal Property and Motor Vehicles



340.1              Temporary Duty Travel
340.2              Permanent Change of Station (replaced SM 340.6)



342.1              Payments to Gage Readers, Samplers, and Observers
342.3              Emergency Employment



344.1              Federal, State, County, and City Taxes Withheld From Wages
344.2              Employee Payroll Deductions for Savings Bonds
344.8              Time and Attendance Accounting
344.16            Employee and Non-Employee Clearance Procedures



345.1              Retention Incentive Considerations