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In response to the current pandemic, the 2020 ECCOE Workshop is postponed.


We look forward to resuming the ECCOE workshop in 2021 in concurrence with the JACIE Workshop.  Please watch for updates on the ECCOE website.

Please consider registering for the Joint Agency Commercial Imagery Evaluation (JACIE) Workshop, which will be held virtually September 22 – 24, 2020.  Visit the JACIE Workshop web page for more details.  

For any questions, concerns, or comments please email


*Postponed* 2020 Workshop Topic: 

Geometric Calibration: Achieving Interoperability Across Multiple Scales

Interoperability of data from a broad variety of optical remote sensing satellites is the holy grail that has been pursued for several years by agencies around the world.  

Two factors that come into play with respect to the geometric correction of remote sensing data are the ability to accurately characterize and calibrate the spacecraft and observatories internally, followed by the need for an accurate common global geometric reference.

This includes the characterization and calibration of the sensor and observatories, accurate band registration, inter-sensor registration for multiple observatories on a given spacecraft, and alignment between the sensor and the spacecraft navigation reference. Performing these steps is dependent on the observatory and spacecraft architecture.  

Characteristics of the observatory, in particular the instantaneous field of view (IFOV) based on the sensor’s optics and detectors, drive not only the characterization and calibration algorithms but also determines the requirements for the global geometric reference for image registration and orthorectification.   

This workshop will address geometric characterization across system architectures and how that can determine the algorithms, implementations and accuracy needed for a common global geometric reference, including requirements. The goal will be to share current knowledge of current methods and determine what is necessary to establish a common global geometric reference system.  

As interoperability includes using sensors of all resolutions, addressing the scaling needed for both the image products, in order to make them interoperable, and addressing the scaling of ground control and DEM will be central topics during these discussions.

Topics for discussion:

  1. Geometric characterization and calibration:  What are the current algorithms and requirements?
    1. Band-to-band registration
    2. Sensor alignment
    3. Sensor-to-sensor registration
  2. Geometric correction (ortho-rectification):  How are the pixels placed on the earth?
    1. Algorithms,
    2. Precision and accuracy—definitions, calculations, relative vs. absolute
    3. Ground control--Current use and requirements.
    4. Digital Elevation Models--Current use and requirements.
  3. Scaling of data, including imagery, ground control and elevation data.
    1. How do we achieve interoperability across sensors/architectures?

Workshop Format:

  • 8-10 Panelists plus 1 Moderator
  • 15-20 min Panelist Presentations
  • 1-2 Hour Panel Discussion
  • 1 Hour Panel and Audience Discussion
  • 1 Hour Panel Recommendations and Concluding Remarks

Key questions:

  1. What are the current capabilities for geometric characterization and calibration?
  2. How do these capabilities scale across sensors/systems?
  3. What are the current limitations to precision and accuracy?
  4. How can we achieve interoperability with a common geometric reference system across scales range from sub-meter to 2km IFOVs?


*Postponed* 2020 ECCOE Workshop

The ECCOE managers are exploring options due to the uncertainty of COVID-19, please stay tuned for updates about the ECCOE workshop schedule, venue, and virtual options. 

For more information about ECCOE Workshops, please contact


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