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ECCOE Community Engagement

ECCOE staff host, support, and attend a number of workshops, user conferences, and technical meetings each year, and also collaborate and coordinate with colleagues and professionals from across academia, government, and industry to perform high quality Calibration and Validation techniques and processes.

Workshops and Conferences

Bringing partners and Cal/Val experts together allows the opportunity to exchange information on data quality, calibration, validation, characterization, and the applications of civilian and commercial imagery used by the public sector. Groups are also presented with updates on current and future enhancements to existing sensors, while having a venue to promote new sensor uses and data products.

  • Joint Agency Commercial Imagery Evaluation (JACIE) WorkshopThis annual workshop engages Federal agencies, their partners, and the Commercial Remote Sensing industry with a growing body of available remote sensing data, research, and assessment results.  Visit this page for more information about the current year meeting.

  • ARD Satellite Data Interoperability Workshop - This workshop, co-sponsored by the USGS, aims to advance interoperability and collaboration in the Earth observation and remote sensing industry. It builds on the success of previous ARD workshops, expanding the scope of collaboration beyond just API’s and data formats, to include interoperability at the data level as well as sensor fusion and derived products. 

ECCOE staff are active participants at symposiums and annual meetings to share technical details and research findings about advancements and improvements related to Calibration and Validation. 

Organization Affiliates and Symposia

ECCOE staff collaborate with respected professionals globally to research and perform high-quality Calibration and Validation techniques and processes supporting the following organizations: